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the tree, dodging round." "Where was Christie all the time?" interr

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    upted the Chief. "Why did he not secure the gun?" "On seeing the encounter I climbed a tree," said Christie. "It was the only thing I could do. I could not get hold of the gun, for it was under the feet of the moose. I could not have reached the ammunition, because the Colon

    hich the enrag

    el had it." "I must admit," said Colonel Durnford, "that I began to feel serious alarm. Any attempt on Christie's part to have approached me would

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    have imperilled his life and mine, too. I began to realize the necessity for action, and so did Christie, and he called to

    • ed animal felt at seeing
    • my escape added to his rage, and
    • he vented his spite upon the tre
    e until the tr
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    me to escape to the nearest tree with branches sufficiently low to be easily climbed. Suddenly I caught sight of a spruce a few yards off, and waiting for the moose to work round to a favorable position, I sprang towards it and sheltered myself behind it. I laid hold quickly

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    of an overhanging branch and swung myself up to a safe place on a strong limb of the tree. The moose arrived a second later, snorting furiously, an

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    d began to attack the tree, as he had the other, with hoofs and horns. He kept it up till darkness came on, then quietly took up a posit

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    ion at the foot of the tree, from which he hardly stirred all night long." "What a night!" exclaimed Christie. "Will you ever forget it

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    , Colonel? How the wolves howled! A whole pack of them scented us. Once or twice the moon shone out, revealing their gaunt, shadowy form

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    s and flashing eyes. It was enough to make one's hair stand on end. So bitter and penetrating was the night wind that it had a paralyzin

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    I should manoeuvre with the moose while the Colonel approached as near as possible and flung to me the ammunition. The scheme

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    worked admirably. I was able, after several unsuccessful attempts, for the powder was not quite dry, to send a bullet th

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    rough his heart." After a hearty meal Christie undertook to guide Meyers and Joe to the spot where the body of the moose la

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    y, for they were detailed to guard it from the wolves and to bring it down the creek in a canoe the next morning. Fortune seeme

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    rs took a keen del

    ight in drawing from the men stories of their adventures in the new world, which were mainly true, and were given in their own dialect. One evening, as the shadows of darkness were creeping on and all were gathered round the camp-fire, the Chief said: "Come, now, Joe, we want you to tell the

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    Alizee Anderson

    gentlemen a

    story." Seated on a log, dangling his legs, was the diminutive Frenchman, with coarse gray homespun shirt and knitted tuque drawn down to his ears, which stuck out almost at right angles from the head. He glanced at the Governor, and then at the red-coated officers, wit


t with fatigue. I could se

h evident dread and apprehensi

on. "Now, Lec

laire," said the C

hief, "don't be afraid.

Tell your bear s

tory." Slowly removing his tuque,

"Little Joe," as he was familiarly ca

e that t


he bullet had hit the left

lled, began to scratch his hea

d thoughtfully

as if to rake up

reminiscences. Suddenly

his sickly, pock

-pitted face lighted up and his bl

ack eyes indicated that he had succeed


ed in scratc


r, and, after tearing the

hing up something to tell abou

t. "Wan tam,"

he said, "when we

work on de Got-no, I cu

t de whood, me,

pour mak le souper, an' when I go

back le shaintee—sacré bleu!—wan be

skin, ha
Collect from /


d glanced off." "I remai

eg bear she am got her head in

de soup-pot.

I trow down de who

od an' run, me, for shur

e, lak wan wile

moose. De bear she am skeart, an'

she run, too. Le pot she steek on, too

ned behi

Drop in here

, lac wan blak hat. Dunno, me, how she fine le reever, but she run, and she sweem wit dat black pot till she reach the odder shore.


Me an' de boss we

I remained behind

tak le canot an' de gun pour chasser

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